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T210 Tobacco Cards – Minor League Stars are Major League Collectibles

The T210 minor league tobacco card set was issued during the golden age of tobacco cards and was a contemporary set of the much more celebrated T206 set. The massive T210 issue would be the largest of its day and would remain the biggest issue for decades until Topps bested it in the 1960s. The […]

Is Now a Good Time to Sell Baseball Cards?

The economic crisis of the past few years has had many people asking this question. Many people are considering selling off collectibles to pay bills or stave off foreclosure. Selling baseball cards is always a possibility, but collectors worry if the current market price means they will lose money on their investment. Choosing to wait […]

A Baseball Card for Ten Million?

Relax, nothing has topped the T206 Honus Wagner as the world’s most expensive baseball card, but there is a really sweet card sought after by many collectors – the 1911 T212 Obak tobacco card depicting Ten Million. That’s right! His name is Ten Million. How awesome is that? Baseball is full of great names and […]