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1989 Upper Deck Baseball Cards Behind the Scenes With the Bio Writer

ken griffey jr 1989 upper deck back bioThe Upper Deck Company has become firmly entrenched in baseball card history and the 1989 Upper Deck set remains one of the most influential and important sets of baseball cards ever issued.  As well documented as the hobby history has become, it remains a pleasure to speak with someone directly involved in a set and hear a previously untold tale. The interview below is with retired sportswriter and longtime friend of – John Montague who was responsible for the biographies on the backs of the nascent Upper Deck set.  Some fans may recognize John as the former owner of the Baseball Blue Book and many other sports publications. I asked John to share some hobby memories and touch on the events that led up to his involvement with the Upper Deck set. So without further ado: Continue reading this post »

Top 10 Obscene Baseball Cards

For more than 100 years, baseball card collectors have treasured the cardboard depiction of their diamond heroes. For almost as long, they have guffawed and chortled at the obscene baseball cards that have slipped through the cracks either intentionally or unintentionally. Below are ten of the most famous naughty baseball cards (with apologies to playground rib-ticklers Rusty Kuntz, Dick Pole, and Woody Held). There are others, but these are the ones that most commonly crop up when collectors gather to buy and sell baseball cards. Without further ado: Continue reading this post »

Non-Cardboard Baseball Cards – B18 Blankets, S74 Silks, and L1 Leathers

The past few decades have seen a rise in interest and collectibility of baseball cards that for years were on the fringes of the hobby. Cards that were made on stock other than cardboard were often overlooked and dismissed as nothing more than a novelty.

Today, these cards that were once treated as red-headed stepchildren within the hobby both from advanced collectors seeking a new challenge or from newer collectors that appreciate the chance to own a unique century old baseball card. While some prices are in the stratosphere, there are many affordable issues that make great collectibles and display items. Below is a look at some of the most commonly collected and famous options for those looking to try something different from the classic cardboard stock.

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