Why sell baseball cards?

Baseball cards have been manufactured, collected, bought and sold for nearly 150 years! This enduring hobby has survived technological changes, scandals on and off the field, bicycle spokes and rubberbands, and an ever changing collecting demographic. Each generation still finds ways to enjoy collecting baseball cards. The ties to the past and the nostalgia for simpler times are part of the lure.

1912 Imperial Tobacco Card

Today, collecting for investment purposes is a respected and valid reason. Whether you are interested in becoming active in the hobby as a buyer and seller or just inherited a collection of cards that you don’t know what to do with, this site will provide you with the knowledge and resources to help you sell your baseball cards – it will hopefully give you a new appreciation for these cardboard classics along the way. From tobacco cards to gum cards to the latest foil embossed relic card, the product may have changed but the hobby endures.