A Baseball Card for Ten Million?

Relax, nothing has topped the T206 Honus Wagner as the world’s most expensive baseball card, but there is a really sweet card sought after by many collectors – the 1911 T212 Obak tobacco card depicting Ten Million. That’s right! His name is Ten Million. How awesome is that? Baseball is full of great names and nicknames from Urban Shocker to “Death to Flying Things” Ferguson. Ten Million is definitely one of the greatest names to ever grace the diamond.

Ten Million Obak Tobacco Card

Obak Tobacco Card, NOT $10,000,000!

Roaming the outfield for Victoria B.C., Ten Million was captured on cardboard for the Obak tobacco set and he is also listed as being a part of the giant-sized T4 premium tobacco cabinet issue. The T4 cabinets are very rare and were only available as a mail in premium. Ten Million is listed, but unverified to exist in the set.

Ten Million never made it to the majors and his Pacific Northwest area minor league career was all too brief, but today his name lives on among…well…if not millions, at least thousands of people! His daughter also failed to escape the quirky naming bug and was dubbed Decillian Million (she opted for Dixie later in life). Collectors today can usually find his Obak card in lower grades for hundreds of dollars. In June 2010, Mile High Card Auctions featured a PSA 3 that sold for around $700. A bargain if you ask me!